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Suvigya Sharma on Magical Mornings: UnitePod- A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured Suvigya Sharma. He has been awarded the Bharat Gaurav award and has been facilitated with Asia Book of record, India Book of Record and Limca Book of Records. He is a miniature and a portrait artist and is known for his artwork across the globe.

Here’s the interview of Suvigya Sharma with UnitePod.

Q. You have been three generations into art now. Please tell us about your journey that you have travelled so far.

Suvigya: So my journey have been a very interesting in terms of art which was very perishing and low esteemed all these years. The time when I came into it was 2008 and the transition from taking the typical and traditional miniature painting to a calibre which is more than a modern day houses is something which has been a quiet a journey. And it has been a remarkable one. My experiment has been turns out to be a path breaker for the miniature painting industry in the country and abroad as well by our shows and auctions. So yes it has been an interesting one. And as I told that three generation of my family has been into art, so this added a lot of experience in terms of understanding and the materials and miniature, the art which I do. And fusing it with the modern day style of work was definitely a transition was looking forward to. So that’s the way I think about it.

Q. What are the best resources that have helped you along the way?

Suvigya: As far as Resources are concerned, I believe that 2000’s has now been a typical digital platform with the best social media platform. Coming across something like Instagram or Facebook has defiantly helped me a lot in building my brand image and helped with sitting with the top galleries in the world. I think this is the best technology we can have and can be used really well. In my case, I think it has done wonders. This has given me the opportunities to be showcased across the world through my art shows and auctions. I think social media has been a major medium through which I promoted myself. So yes social media has been a pillar.

Q. So you have presented your works to many renowned personalities globally including the Prime Minister of India. Would you like to speak something about these personalities or about them?

Suvigya: I would like to clarify that everything that I have done for these people, for the industrial families, for the Bollywood families, for the politicians, it was all commissioned work and customized for them, made to order subject to the places they ask. So the Prime Minister has been definitely the best bench mark. He orders me the work and me meeting him and understanding the agendas of across the country. So the idea to promote it across the globe has been very inspirational and that’s it. Every portrait I do, I make sure that it has hyper real detail added to it with the elements of 24 carats gold in places where it is to be used. So it definitely has transformed my style work over the years. And I believe that’s the only reasons that I am appreciated for it.

Q. If you could step into my shoes, what would you ask yourself that I haven’t yet?

Suvigya: I think I am very happy to be the Suvigya Sharma I am. I believe I am very happy and contended from all the things that I have achieved over the years and I am very happy in my own shoes. So yes, what I believe is that there is much bigger world than a country India itself. There is a world looking forward to my art and that is what I aspires to be as an artist and take my art across the world, across the globe. And make it the best art statement in the country or the world.

Q. What has marked as the turning point in your career?

Suvigya: My journey has been a roller coaster ride since 2000. I became an exporter. I opened my form Auto exports of hundred art and crafts. From 2008 to now, has been a turning point, I believe every stepping stone of my life has been a turning point in my favour. I worked for these families and they recommended me further to all the top naught in the country and globe. So all good works have been paid off to an extent I believe. The prime minister meeting in 2017 was the biggest benchmark for me entering into the global art form the only miniature painting artist in India and abroad who has been working in such details. So the prime minister has been definitely the major strength in terms of promoting the Indian Folk art to the world. So it has been a transformation from them. It has been the game changer.

Q. What message do you have for the artist community and where can they connect with you?

Suvigya: The art fraternity can connect with me on all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Apart from that I am very soon launching my You Tube channel on which I will be taking art workshops for miniature painting, life like portraits and wall art. So these are the medium I am available on, if you want to connect with me. The message for the art community is that everything that we see around maybe like sky, ground, air we breathe is purely art and artistic. You can seek inspiration from around that because that is actually going to give the vision what you actually want to create and what you actually want to become. It’s a whole diversified market where you can make your mark. Artist have been laid back is what I believe all these years or they can’t see the path where they can promote themselves or how can they become a better artist. So there are platforms as the social media again and there are lot of browsers and galleries online which showcase their work. But you have to be good enough to be showcased. If you are good enough there is no stopping by and your goal will be right there where you expect yourself to be in your life. So just keep going and keep working hard and make sure that you are too dedicated to the place where you want to reach in your art career because I have done the same. I still have a strong zeal to go to much bigger height in terms of my art. And I am taking all the initiative, all the platforms and all I can have to make it really big in the art fraternity across the country and globe to become a successful artist. So just keep working hard and you will be there. Just refine your art and you will actually land up where you want to be.

Thank you so much for joining in today. You were really amazing. I am very sure that our listeners who are artists are really inspired by all of your answer and are looking to follow in your footsteps through your entrepreneurial spirits as well.

Suvigya: Thank you so much for having me here. It’s really been a great session. I hope I could suffice the purpose of sharing all my art knowledge with you. I am really glad to be here. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

That’s a wrap of another episode of Magical Mornings featuring Suvigya Sharma who rose to fame with his exceptional skills in art and miniature painting industry. He was invited to showcase his work for Government of India’s initiative Make in India, followed by a live demonstration of miniature painting technologies by him.

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