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Rodney Foster on Magical Mornings: UnitePod- A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured Rodney Foster. He is a brilliant entrepreneur and the founder of his very own wine company called Edelheiss Wine. I would like to welcome Rodney Foster to our podcast at UnitePod.

Here’s the interview of Rodney Foster with UnitePod.

Q. You have been doing some fascinating work out there. All our listeners would like to know a bit more about your journey. How did it kick start and reach the point where you are today?

Rodney: My journey to where I am now is not an easy one and I am still thriving to get to where I want to be. I always knew I wanted to be successful but it was just pointing out what I wanted to do. Once I found my niche I went all in.

Q. You have your own wine company called Edelheiss Wine. Can you tell us more about that and how did it start?

Rodney: I am the founder and CEO of Edelheiss wine. In 2011, while I was vacationing in St. Moritz, I got a polo match called A Polo Snow Coupled Ice. Before I went there, a colleague said that he must try this warm cup mold wine that they heat up. Once I found the location of the wine, I tried it and I never experienced a wine that you drink warm but it was expressed for me and I enjoyed it. I also met some great people at St Moritz which I still communicate with and tell everyone that I want to prepare a wine like a mold wine and bring it back to the US. Once I did, no one was drinking it warm, everyone was drinking it at room temperature in a wine glass but you can drink it warm.

Q. You have participated in an American Reality show called Marrying Millions. Can you share your experience from the show?

Rodney: My experience on Marrying Millions was small but I enjoyed it. I have learned so much about behind the scenes that I am going to start creating my own reality show.

Q. How does a normal workday look for you?

Rodney: A normal workday for me is waking up in the morning and doing my daily routines and saying my prayer. Then I check my emails and messages that I may have. Then I move one to what I need to do today and check in with my assistant to see what may need to be done or what she has scheduled for me for the day.

Q. And you have come a long way. So what do you think are the best resources that have helped you along your way?

Rodney: The best resources that have helped me in building great relationships with people. Most of the time it’s who you know not what you know.

Q. If you could step into my shoes, what would you have asked yourself that I didn’t?

Rodney: One thing that I would have asked myself that you didn’t ask is where do I see myself in five years. I see myself to do just have the freedom to do what I want and whenever I want.

Q. What message do you have for our listeners and all your fans and where can they connect with you?

Rodney: The message that I have for the listeners is whatever you decide to do in life, keep calm first. People can connect with me on Instagram either @rodneyfoster or @edelheisswine

Thank you for being here. I wish you all the best with Edelheiss wine and your very own reality show. It was a pleasure to have you here o UnitePod.

Rodney: Thank you so much for inviting me and I enjoyed myself. I am so glad to join you on UnitePod. Stay safe and be blessed.

That’s a wrap of another episode of Magical Mornings featuring Rodney Foster who combined his taste for elegance with his Entrepreneurial Flair to launch a line of organic fine wines.

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