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Pranati Rai Prakash on Magical Mornings: UnitePod - A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured Pranati Rai Prakash who has received a lot of recognition because of her time in the Miss India pageant of 2015 and was a major front runner there. Pranati won the titles of Miss Talented, Miss Fashion Icon and Miss Beautiful Legs at Femina Miss India and was 1st runner up in Miss Sudoku, Top 5 in National Costume round and Top 5 of Miss Body Beautiful. Pranati is the Winner of India's Next Top Model Season 2.

Here's the interview of Pranati with UnitePod.

Q. So how has your journey towards being a model been like?

Pranati: Modeling has always been something which I enjoyed. I think allows my passion for expressing myself. All these forms of expression and the expressing in front of the camera give me a great sense of liberty. The journey has been quite wonderful. It has also been tough to not tone a professional model. There is a lot of competition for sure and certain attributes that you need to meet. I think winning India’s Next Top Model was one of the best parts of my modeling days.

Q. Would you like to speak more about the hustle and bustle of the modeling industry.

Pranati: There really is a lot of hustle and bustle in the modeling industry. Firstly, there is a certain criterion we need to meet. When I started off, I had to audition for the fashion week. There is an audition that happens for Lakme Fashion week and India Bridal Fashion Week in which only if you are approved by the jury that you may get the chance to proceed. There is a tough competition with hectic schedules. You have these flights which reach midnight then a shoot early morning. I remember once when I was shortlisted for a very big designer campaign and my manager told me that got in which made me so excited and happy. It was like one minute of infinite happiness. But then, I started received a message saying that they were looking for a taller model as the co-models of the campaign were tall and they were not very sure about me. It made me feel very low and I remember crying that night. So, it’s really tough and you have to be really good at your work to meet certain criteria or to be a model for the best designers. Also, I think that there is the luck factor involved in modeling as well.

Q. That must have been so hard! I completely understand, you reach a point and during the very next minute someone comes up and tells you it’s not happening. It must have been very hard. But things are happening for you now and you are at a great place. This makes me wonder how you handle criticism either from your fellow mates or from the ones you have partnered with? How do you usually handle them?

Pranati: I think I have been fortunate when it comes to the people around me. I am someone who believes in my vibe, my pride and strongly believe in energy. We are trapped in a kind of energy that we have. I think I have been very fortunate to be with the right kinds of people who have always given positive criticism and there hasn’t been a tough moment in handling negative criticism from my fellow mates. Yes, of course there are lots of other places from where criticism flows in, but you have to develop that kind of mental strength.

Q. It’s truly amazing that you have been blessed with such great people in your life because we all know how this industry can get pretty toxic. But you did receive criticism yet, at the end of the day, you overcame it with such positive energy. So Pranati, if you could step into my shoes, what would you like to ask yourself that I didn’t?

Pranati: I think the reason as to why I stay so driven could be because there are many odds with the dreams and goals I am pursuing so, I have to stay consistent and persistent at it. I find it interesting how it has been my goal for a decade which keeps me so focused. The drive for my goal is something that intrigues me. And if I were to ask you a question, it would be to know which is your favorite Bollywood movie and what you love about Bollywood movies?

Q. What was one major point in your career part?

Pranati: The one major turning point in my career part I think was Femina Miss India, because before this I was a college going student and I was very studious. I didn’t have much exposure into fashion and glamour industry. So it is after Miss India that I got a lot of insight into fashion industry. I was also able to start auditioning for TV commercials, for fashion show and had a whole new insight for the world.

Q. What message would you like to give to our listeners and where can we connect with you?

Pranati: My message to listeners and everyone is firstly: “Hi guys, I hope you are doing well and being safe with this COVID-19 situation. I just want to tell you that if you feel certain passion for anything, follow it. It will give you a lot of joy to do what you like and the universe is going to take care of you! Breathe, meditate and stay positive as much as you can and just remember that life is a journey, it’s like a gift given by god. Just imagine you went to a trip to someplace and you have a ticket, so you do everything you like and don’t carry any regrets, you don’t carry any worries.” So that’s how life should be lived. I am trying to live like that. Be true to yourself. My good wishes to everyone!

That’s such a sweet message. All the listeners and I truly hope you enjoyed this entire conversation. It was great speaking with you. Thank you so much.

Pranati: It was great interacting with you and going back in time and recollecting my experience and sharing it with you people. It was a pleasure. I just want to wish all my audience a great year ahead. Thank you.

That is a wrap of Episode 15 of Magical Mornings featuring Pranati Rai Prakash who shared her journey from being a studious college girl to one of the best models in India. Through her hard work, she won the title of India’s Next Top Model 2016.

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