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Namrata Soni on Magical Mornings: UnitePod- A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured Namrata Soni who is a celebrity makeup artist. She has wielded her brush to so many celebrities and also she has launched SIMPLYNAM, a beauty line that promises to be eco friendly, sustainable that works for Indian skin tones and all beneath.

Here’s the interview of Namrata Soni with UnitePod.

Q. You have been doing some fascinating work out there. So can you tell us a bit more about our journey and how did it kick start and reached to a point to where you are?

Namrata: I have officially completed 20 years in the makeup industry in India. And it has been a fantastic journey so far. It actually started off when I was very young. I used to go to boarding school and there I used to cut all my friends hair because we were never allowed to step out of the school. But from there it became a passion of me. I started with hair styling and then got into makeup. It’s been a fantastic journey so far. And honestly I am really lucky to have some amazing break in my life and career to be where I am today. Today I love the job I do, love the work that I create and honestly lot of it has to do with tons of hard work and


Q. How the world of makeup artistry is for you and what is this one thing about the industry that keeps you going?

Namrata: Makeup is something I am very passionate about. It’s not something that I do on myself every day. But I love dressing up people. It gives them a lot of confidence and allows them to feel better about themselves in a good way. It’s not about hiding your flaw; it’s about enhancing the features in your face like a painting. You can draw out beautiful aspects of your face in a way you want to be showcased. So I love my job, I love makeup artistry. And what I love about this industry is that it always keeps pushing me to do better and be better and there is constant competition which keeps me on my toes.

Q. What is the one thing you do before starting to work on makeup and hairstyling? Can you briefly describe it?

Namrata: I do visualize what I want to do when I am on my way like in my car to work or in flight or whatever mode of transport. I actually close my eyes and allow a lot of energy and light to pass through me, through my mind, through my hand till the end of my fingertips. I know it sound corny but I always do that especially before a bog shoot to give me guidance and amazing sense of creativity which has brought me where I am today.

Q. What are some concerns you have before starting your works with the customers?

Namrata: In today’s time my concern would be if they are COVID tested. But honestly my biggest concern would be how comfortable they are going to be with sitting in a stranger’s chair. How much ever may the love your work at the end of the day it’s your job to make them comfortable and make them trust you. So for me that is always my biggest concern. So I try very hard to make sure that my customers sitting on my chair are super comfortable and super happy from what they are going to get.

Q. You have started your company SIMPLYNAM and received great success. So what inspired you to go in that particular direction and how did you proceed?

Namrata: I have been dreaming of starting SIMPLYNAM for last 5 years. It took me a long time to reach where I am by launching it in December 2020. I worked all of 2020 right from January to launch this brand. The reason I got inspired to go in this particular reason was because as an artist I always see people always end up buying amazing makeup products and what they love to use. But women or people in general are very lazy about how they remove there makeup and most of them end up even not removing it properly, damaging their skin or just sleeping with it on. And I wanted to introduce a product into the market especially in India which is something our country has not seen. Micro fibre towels have been seen for a decade and different variant of it have been around. We work very hard in SIMPLYNAM to make a better product than what is already out there. I wanted it to be something that everybody can use from someone who is a teenager, to someone in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixties. You can use it not just for makeup removal; you can also use it as a cleansing towel. It should be the first step to your skin care routine everyday. It has changed my life and made me a lot more responsible towards sustainability. And I hope that I can encourage India to take this step towards sustainability.

Q. What does your typical day look like?

Namrata: my typical day at work starts around 6-30 in the morning. I wake up, have some breakfast and leave for work. The day is around 10 to 12 hours depending on the kind of shoot we do. I try to eat healthy as much as possible but I do end up with drinking a lot of coffee when I am working. And I come home around 8:30 – 9 P.M. after a typical day at work. It’s very satisfying and I am very happy.

Q. Have you ever had a conflict with a customer and how did you resolved it?

Namrata: of course I had had some conflicts with my customers, with my partners. Honestly, it is something that makes me learn on how to deal with the world every single day. The best way to resolve it is to take a step back, review the situation and take a deep breath and count to ten and approach it from a different angle that will be beneficial to both the parties.

Q. Can you recall a time when you gave a customer a really great advice about how to take care about their makeup?

Namrata: Giving advice about how to take care of makeup is a part of my job. I do it on my job in a daily basis. It’s about understanding the client’s need and telling them exactly the right products to use for their skin type, for the weather that we live in. a lot of time I actually end up sending them screenshots of the product they should buy and give them multiple different option to choose from depending on the budget they have. It is very important to get involved in that aspect with your client because it helps you do a better job if their skin looks softer.

Q. What do you want to achieve in the near future and why?

Namrata: I hope to achieve success in establishing SIMPLYNAM as a sustainable and eco-friendly brand taking a step towards helping our country to realize that we all need to take that step making sure that we are contributing towards an eco- friendly future.

Q. If you could step into my shoes for a moment, what would you ask yourself that I haven’t yet?

Namrata: The one question that I would ask you is that to reach where you have, what is the sacrifice that you had to make in personal and professional life. And honestly the answer that I would give is that my husband’s grandmother was the first Miss India. She always said these words to be kind to people when you are on your way up because you meet the same people when you are on your way down. So remember that when you are in the industry because it will came back to bite you.

Q. So finally, what message do you have for our listeners and where can they connect with you online?

Namrata: If you are a budding makeup artist then be someone who is kind, patient and loving because what you give is what you get in this world. And remember that competition is good and healthy because it makes you strive to be better. So don’t be scared to help someone who needs help because it will come back and do well to you in your lifetime and remember that it is all part of a bigger picture. My Instagram page is @namratasoni. I almost every time reply to my DMs. You can also contact me at Thank you so much for having me on UnitePod for this amazing podcast

Thank you Namrata, you have given us some amazing makeup tips and advices. We will make sure to grab those entire things and apply it in our daily lives. Thank you so much for being here.

Namrata: It has been an amazing experience to answer all the amazing questions. Thank you so much everyone for tuning in and lots of love.

That’s a wrap of another episode featuring Namrata Soni who has done a great work by launching a sustainable and eco friendly brand SIMPLYNAM which was really required in India. She has single handedly turned the makeup industry in India with her hard work and dedication.

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