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Munisha Khatwani on Magical Mornings: UnitePod- A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured India’s Leading Tarot card reader and astrologer. She goes by the name of Munisha.

Here’s the interview of Munisha Khatwani with UnitePod.

Q. You have started your career at a very young age and have reached greater heights. How has your journey been ever since your debut in the acting industry?

Munisha: My debut was quiet good and quiet difficult. It wasn’t a very difficult journey but I had a kind of mixed journey. Initially, it was easy. I started my career with a show called Just Mohabbat and then I did many more shows on television and then came a standstill. In 2008 was my transition in tarot and that’s when I came in Teen Deviyan. After that I did Simi Garewal show, Survivor India and a show with Mr. Shahrukh khan called India puchega sabse shanaya kaun. Then I was branded as a very famous tarot card reader and astrologer. So, the journey has been good. It’s been a bit tough because my job is quiet difficult, but otherwise it’s been good.

Q. Being in the limelight has its ups and downs. What positive and negative impacts have you had because your career?

Munisha: of course, we have lots of perks, name, fame, recognition and money probably as compared to others. But the negative will be that you are always in the limelight. You are always being judged. You are always being monitored because you are a public figure whatever you do majorly does become news be it good or bad. So because you are a public figure, your life is an open book and even on social media you are judged very strongly as compared to other people because you are known.

Q. Is there any incident that you feel was the life changing point in your life?

Munisha: Survivor was the life changing moment of my life. I was also doing the Simi Gerewal show at that time. In Survivor, I learned to live with the minimum in my life because I made it to the top 6 in the show. I literally learned to survive with bare minimum in 42 days with literally nothing; no food, no clothes or anything. I don’t think I can do it today but 10 years ago I was quiet strong to get it done. I think the Simi Gerewal show took me to another level where I could do readings for bollywood celebrities like Priyanka and Deepika. I also came in The Ellen DeGeneres show and my clip was featured with Priyanka Chopra that also took my career to another hike two years back and alleviated my career as well.

Q. You are a Tarot Card reader as well as an Astrologer. So tell us more about it. How did it started out for you?

Munisha: So how my journey started out was I was very drawn towards the card. There was a point in my life when everything was really very dark. My personal, professional life, my health, my financial condition was really bad and dark. So that’s what drew me towards tarot. When I started doing readings I found it very accurate. Initially I was just a client to people who are doing readings but later I got interested and learned the subject. So I did my basic course, I did my advance course and then gradually got into Astrology as well.

Q. What is the one myth in your profession that you would want to debunk?

Munisha: Astrologers or Tarot card readers or Tarot as a profession is there as a guide but people tends to make you more like a god like person which is not true. Tarot is there to offer guidance and you should just take it as a proper guidance. Astrology is a calculative science. The myth that I want to debunk is that we are not god. There is a 80 or 90 % accuracy when you take this prediction or readings but there is also a 10% chance of going things wrong based on your karmic cycle, based on your karma and based on the universe and a lot of things that matters. So I would say is that you cannot view us a god. We are just someone to guide you but people come to me to save people who are practically dying and stuff which is not really possible because I am also just a human.

Q. Going through your profile, I noticed that you are a trained dancer. So was dancing something you have been interested since childhood?

Munisha: I am not a trained dancer as such but I love dancing; it’s just a passion. Initially I started my dance career with Farah Khan in 1998 and 1999. I was a part of her group and have done some shows. I have also trained with Terence Lewis for like a year. But it’s just a hobby.

Q. You have participated in many Indian reality shows. Can you tell us more about that experience?

Munisha: Survivor was a tough show and even Simi Garewal show was also a different experience where I could do tarot reading for a lot of bollywood celebrities.

Q. If you could step into my shoes, what would you have asked yourself that I didn’t?

Munisha: Stepping into your shoes, I would ask what is your deepest darkest desire or wish or something. I think my deepest darkest desire would be to actually renounce from the world and like in a place like Iceland or live in an Igloo or a cold place where actually I don’t have much connection with the world. Even though I am very social and a people’s person, a huge part of me really enjoys being disconnected.

Q. What message do you have for our listeners and all your fans and where can they connect with you?

Munisha: It a tough time with the covid going on especially in India and many parts of the world is not Covid free and we are experiencing second wave or third wave and all. So all I would love to say is to stay positive, stay strong, the earth is cleansing and there is some Karmic cycle going on. So we all need to go through certain cycle. You can connect with me on my Instagram account which goes as @munishakatwani or you can send me an email at for further inquiry and information or book an appointment.

Munisha, it was great having you here on our podcast. I have learned so many things about tarot card readers as well as astrologers. Taking to you brightened my knowledge towards these two things and it was great having you here. Thank you so much for coming.

Munisha: Thank you so much for having me today. I am really excited to share my journey with my viewers.

That’s a wrap of another episode of Magical Mornings featuring Munisha Khatwani who started out as a child actor and have now become India’s leading Tarot card reader and Astrologer

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