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Kritika Rawat on Magical Mornings: UnitePod- A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured Kritika Rawat, the managing director of KKompany, a UAE-based media company that handles both radio and television production. She hosts the ‘Kritika Express’ show on 89.1 FM Radio4. She is one of the most well-known Asian celebrities in the Middle East. She hosts one of the popular Asian radio breakfast shows in the Middle East. She has been doing her breakfast show on radio for the last eight years.

Here’s the interview of Kritika with UnitePod.

Q. You have explored many different genres in your career and have proven yourself to be very successful. What was your stepping stone and how did you take things along?

Kritika: Well, thank you very much for calling me successful. Today when I look back to my journey, there are a couple of things that I realized. I realized that there is a lot of stress on most people to be different. People tell you that if you want to stand out, you have to be different. You have to do something differently, otherwise you will just be like everybody else and people won’t notice you and you won’t stand out and you won’t achieve your goals. I think that’s really unfair because people tell you to be different for the sake of being different. If that’s what you are trying in your career, I don’t think it’s going to take you very far. I think you need to be yourself and I know you have probably heard this before. Everybody tells you to be yourself. What does that even mean? That means you have to be true to yourself and true to who you are. You have to listen to that voice or the gut feeling or that inner voice you have. If you truly believe in something, you have to go after it with the force that people will sit up to and take notice. This force makes you a force to reckon with. We look for answers outside but all the answers are within ourselves. Are you listening hard enough? Are you asking the right question? Because when you do answers come from within you. Once you got the realization and the answer comes, you have to give all you got and chase after it. There will be people who pull you down, this happens in every single person’s journey. But you have to go full stream ahead and you got to power it up, you have to give everything you have to your goals. I think success is another word for happiness. When you are happy, you are successful. No matter what you are doing. You can never ever be successful if you are not happy. At least that’s how I look at it.

Q. What is the best resource that helped you in your way?

Kritika: I think one needs to be open to learning new things. If you stop learning, you stop growing. That’s the difference between people who stand stagnant and people who grow. You grow because you learn. And learning is not necessarily restricted to a classroom or academics but you learn from every single person. You can learn from a child get inspired. Inspiration is another word for learning. You got to keep learning and being the best version of yourself. The competition is not with someone else, but with yourself. If you stop competing with yourself then you stop growing. So it’s paramount that you learn new things, you are open to learn new things. I have seen this that as soon as people get set in a role that they are playing or they reach somewhere they aspire to be, they stop learning. Every single day brings you a chance to learn new things. This makes you who you are. This sets your personality; this is what sets you apart. This is who you become. So be open to learning because there are so many things to learn.

Q. You have bagged multiple awards for yourself. Is there any specific one that you define as the game changer?

Kritika: I have to say that when I won the Forbes award, it changed a lot of things for me. It changed how people look at me professionally in a sense that when people spoke to me, it was with a lot of respect. Forbes is a very respectable award to win and to have my name as a part of the most influential women in the Middle East is an honor that I will treasure and cherish forever. I also won the NRI of the year award for which I had to fly to Mumbai and the award was given to me by Mr. Amitabh Bachan. This was a true honor to be called a Non Resident Indian of the year. That was something that made my family very proud. These are two awards that make me very happy.

Q. If you could step into my shoes for a moment what would you have asked yourself that I haven’t yet?

Kritika: If I have to ask myself a question, I would ask what’s next. That is a burning question that I have been thinking about. I thought I would take a break for a long time since I have been working for so many years. So I am just going to sit and enjoy my pregnancy. But the little worm in my stomach is already moving and asking what’s next. So I have been working on something really interesting because that’s where the challenge lies. And I am always up for the challenge. I get excited just thinking about that challenge. Something that I have done before is a novelty for me. I am excited about that but I am not going to tell you what it is. You have to wait a little longer. And I am sure you are going to find out very soon. But it is going to be a first for me.

Q. So I hear that you work with different brands too. How do you manage to work with all the different genre of work and what’s one thing that keeps you up and excited as you always seem to be?

Kritika: Every brand is different. The audience is different. What I find really exciting is without changing why I am but taking on some of the points that the brand wants to highlight and how you change it to the language people will understand and like. There are so many commercial activities happening outside and how many of these people actually remember and register it. A lot of them don’t because you are not speaking the language of your audience. Once you start doing that, the audience will start loving you for that. So I think it’s really exciting working with different brands. It’s really exciting how you become a part of the brand and the brand becomes a part of you, the part of the process which I enjoy thoroughly.

Q. I would love to ask what message do you have for our listeners and where can they connect with you?

Kritika: You can follow me online on Instagram. I have always been averse on social media. Yes, I am a rarity. I have not been on social media. I came to Instagram four years ago when I did this competition on my radio show where I asked people to tell me if they wanted me on social media. Then there was this overwhelming response where people told me to join it, specifically Instagram. That’s when I started my Instagram handle and have been using it rather than twitter or Facebook. And I don’t have any plans to join them. Because I think one is enough for me where I can communicate with all those people following me. My handle is @Kritikarawatdubai and my message to all of you listening is that I hope I have managed to lift up your spirit today. Life is beautiful. I know we are in a situation which is difficult. We are all sailing in the same boat. But we got to come out of it, we got to be resilient, it’s going to end someday. And when we reach that day, all of these will be behind us. So take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and be on the ball. Don’t let your spirits down because of this pandemic. We are going to win this battle and we are going to live another day.

Thank you so much Kritika for your time today. You were absolutely wonderful and I am sure that our listeners had a blast today.

Kritika: Thank you so much for having me here on Magical Mornings. This has been wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and you all brighten up my day.

That is a wrap on Episode 4 of Magical Mornings featuring Kritika Rawat who has used her radio show to help a lot of needy and unfortunate people in the UAE, believing that while most charities and voluntary organizations are doing a wonderful job, they somehow tend to overlook individuals that don’t get the help they need.

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