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Dalljiet Kaur on Magical Mornings: UnitePod- A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured an actor, producer and a director, Dalljiet Kaur. She has started her production house named INK EMPIRE wherein she not only wants to promote new actors but also new writers and storytellers. Having seen lives ups and downs she has hailed as a single mom and is raising a gentleman. Hardworking, God fearing and very persistent, Dalljiet has learnt the art of being a survivor no matter how tough the going gets!! Welcome Dalljiet. It’s great to have you on our show today.

Here’s the interview of Dalljiet Kaur with UnitePod.

Q. You have been doing some fascinating work out there. All our listeners would like to know a bit more about your journey. How did it kick start and reach to a point where you are today?

Dalljiet: My journey started in 2004 when I, by fluke, won a beauty pageant and then literally stumbled upon acting. And I never thought of becoming an actor because I was a tomboy. Fully tanned, I used to ride my scooty. I used to work as a brand ambassador for a company. So, I think acting literally as a destiny happened to me. I got so much encouragement that I did many shows back to back and have done almost 20 plus shows till now. And till now, I think it is just a starting for something big ahead.

Q. Among all the characters you have played, which one do you relate most to and why?

Dalljiet: I think the character Anjali, which I played for a show named Iss Pyaar ko kya Naam do, is a very emotional part that I played. It was an extreme journey for the girl. I don’t know if it’s relatable but I used to feel empathy for the character. And when Anjali slapped Shyam at the climax of the show, I was very happy when I read the script that finally she speaks up. And those are the kind of women whom I stand for even today as well. So yeah, Anjali was one of the favorite characters that I have played though I think I have worked hard for everything that I have done.

Q. Everybody has their own ambitions and dreams. How did you realize you have an instinct of becoming an actor?

Dalljiet: Like I said, I stumbled upon acting, I never thought that I will enter the acting industry. I was not even filmy since my childhood like those children who dances step by step after listening to a song. I don’t even know many films and actors name till now. But I realized that acting came very comfortably for me. I adapted very easily as an actor. I was encouraged and my craft was liked. And if you ask me today, I don’t think I can do anything beyond acting.

Q. Being in the limelight has its ups and downs. What positive and negative impacts have you had because your career?

Dalljiet: Popularity has both positive and negative side. But I have been very fortunate that I have seen only the positive side of it. I remember the time when something very bad was going on in my life. Media got their hands on very big news about me but they didn’t write anything about it for two days for me. They thought that I wasn’t in the good frame of mind. I really respect them for doing that. Touch wood, I have only seen the good side. I think it also depends on how seriously you are taking popularity. I am a homemaker like absolutely any other person and I am acting which is appreciated and it’s also a side of me. I don’t think I take popularity very seriously.

Q. Is there any incident that you feel was the life changing point in your life?

Dalljiet: A lot of moments like that. I think having a baby was my first turning point. Then having a divorce changed my course of life. And being an actor was the biggest decision. I didn’t think I can be an actor when I was in my worst phase. I was almost 86kg and I really didn’t see an actor in myself at that time. I went to a placement agency thinking of working at a call center. But I think, coming back as an actor and believing in my craft was the best decision that I made. And even bigger and best decision was to have Jaydon in my life.

Q. Alongside acting you have proved to be a great dancer. Can you tell us how you started into dancing? Was it your childhood passion?

Dalljiet: Honestly, I am not a good dancer. People believe this because I am the winner of a dance reality show Nach Balliye. But the fact is I am not a good dancer at all. I get cold feet just before going on stage. And if I am not well rehearsed, I have actually gone blank on the stage. I don’t think I am a brilliant dancer. Even today if a group of people are dancing, I hide myself and I am not at all filmy like that. But the thing which I own up is my hard work. If I get to rehearse well, then nobody can tell that I can’t dance. But if rehearsals are not done so well, then I get scared. I can learn the steps very well. But if you ask me to dance, not at all.

Q. You have participated in Indian reality shows. Tell us more about those experiences.

Dalljiet: Indian reality shows are really very difficult because it’s not only dependent on talent but also on luck and many other things. I think I have won Nach Balliye purely on my hard work. My partner Shaleen was a really great dancer and I was a non-dancer. And I was doing two shows as a lead at that time, so I used to get only 2 or two and a half hours of sleep per day. Doing a reality show needs a lot of commitment and time and energy. Bigg Boss was also a very different experience for me. I didn’t stay for long in the house but it was a very good experience. Reality shows can be really difficult and annoying because it’s not easy to prove yourself and complete the expectation of your fans at all. But I was very fortunate that I won a reality show and was eliminated from the second one on a very early stage. It’s been a great ride and I am very happy that I got to be a part of such amazing shows.

Q. If you could step into my shoes, what would you have asked yourself that I didn’t?

Dalljiet: I would ask myself what it is to be a producer and my answer would be that it is amazing. I have just started my new production house called Ink Empire. I wish to create a lot of opportunity for the talented people out there hoping maybe I can create an empire out of the most powerful thing called Ink and create opportunity for a lot of people who I know are worthy and tell good stories.

Q. What message do you have for our listeners and all your fans and where can they connect with you?

Dalljiet: I just want to tell all my fans and people who have been so kind to me through my entire journey, who have been there in my good and bad, less and more that they have been really kind and wants to thank them for everything. Thank you for encouraging me throughout my journey. This really meant a lot. I and Jaydon require your blessing on every road of our life. Thank you and I hope that I keep on working which will be appreciated by all of you and make you proud. Stay safe and don’t go out if it’s not very important. Keep yourself safe and let’s get out of the second wave safe and sound.

Thank you so much Dalljiet for coming across this podcast. It’s great to have an actor, director, and producer and to say a dancer also on our show. Being a single mom is not easy and I hope everything goes well in your future and it’s great to have you on. Thank you so much.

Dalljiet: It was really fun to be on your podcast. I hope you have as much fun as I did being there. It was a great experience. Thank you once again.

That’s a wrap of another episode of Magical Mornings featuring Dalljiet Kaur. She rose to fame through her versatile acting and now debuted as a producer and a director. She has set up her own production company named INK EMPIRE through which she hopes to create opportunityies for those young talents out there.

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