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Ishani Mitra on Magical Mornings: UnitePod – A Leading Podcast in MENA region

In this episode of Magical Mornings, we featured Ishani Mitra, a beauty Influencer who is a pro at trying new looks and amazing trends, giving her followers fresh tutorials and tips. Ishani Mitra isn’t just serving incredible looks on Instagram but has also launched her own YouTube channel recently. Along with fashion and beauty, Ishani is also into fitness and helps her followers adopt a healthy lifestyle. We interviewed the talented Influencer herself and she shared about her journey and everything that goes into Creating Content.

Here's the interview of Ishani with UnitePod.

Q. Can you tell us how did your entire successful journey kick start for you?

Ishani: It all started because in school, I have taken up the subject commerce but there was no specific reason for that. It’s just that I don’t like science because of its studying material. I just didn’t like biology, chemistry, or physics and the humanities subject required a lot of memorizing which I was not up for. Although I love history, I wasn’t ready to learn all the dates. So, I took up commerce because that was the only thing left. And we were also allowed to select six subjects, which included painting. I have always loved painting ever since I was a kid and I used to sketch and paint. I kept sketching for a good part of my life. I think I just stopped recently because I got so much work that doesn’t give me so much time to sketch.

After school, I studied Interior Design because I have always loved the creative side of the world. I always used to find creativity wherever I went and tried to find designs around me for example, visiting anybody’s house, I would always look for the interior design of it all so I just studied it in college. I have completed four years of Interior Design and graduated. I think in the 4th year of my college, just when I was about to graduate, I started posting videos because I really like makeup. And then I got really good responses from a lot of people. I also still worked as an Interior Designer for six months. Then we had the lockdown, which was amazing for me because I got to put my entire effort and energy into making videos which really paid off.

During the lockdown, I realized that I want to be an influencer because this gives me more happiness than anything. Makeup gives me that satisfaction during my bad days. Whenever I put makeup on, I feel that everything will be okay for that particular part of time. I forget about all my troubles and it’s just all good. So, this is how I actually reached here. It just fell on my hands luckily.

Q. What would you do differently if you were starting in the industry now?

Ishani: The one thing that I would do differently is that I would go to the existing bloggers and content creators and ask them how it works, what helped monetize their business, whether they would have certain quotations or what do they take into account before quoting to the different brands, how to get more reach, how to increase your engagement and everything related to this business because when I initially started, I didn’t know about that and I have learned along the way. But if I do start now, I definitely would like to know firsthand so that I can be better at it. Right now, it took me one year to reach here, so maybe if I knew all that it would have only taken me 6 months.

Q. It seems like you have learned a lot from your one-year journey. All the amazing makeup looks you come up with and all the different trends also bring me to my next question. You have got such an amazing makeup style from Halloween looks to casual looks. What are your go-to makeup looks?

Ishani: A lot of my followers keep telling me that I look like international makeup artists and for the longest time I kept wondering what they meant. One day I just decided to ask them on instagram story what they exactly mean and I got a lot of replies saying that my looks resemble so many international artists that they feel like I am an international makeup artist. I thought about it and did some research. I went to a lot off Indian bloggers pages and I found that a lot of people don’t do Halloween looks. A lot of people don’t do a lot of creative looks. It’s mostly like wedding makeup or nude makeup or occasional makeup, different types of makeup for that which is great. But that’s the one thing that sets me apart from a lot of people. I love creative makeup as much as I like simple makeup. So, I try to do everything that is out there, since I do a lot of creative looks, I resemble a lot of international makeup artists because they love experimenting with makeup for sure. And my go to makeup look will definitely be simple no makeup makeup look. I think everybody knows that because of all the heavy makeup that I apply for my shoots, so when I go out, I prefer just some simple concealer, blush, mascara and some lipstick. That’s it.

Q. You have endorsed a lot of makeup brands. Do you have any personal favorites?

Ishani: Well, that is not a tough question. I have been working with Maybelline for about a year. Even before collaborating with them, I used to like Maybelline. But now that I have collaborated with them, I have tried a lot of their products and I love them. It’s just one brand that I really love because they are so budget friendly. You don’t have to think much before buying their product. And secondly, they have almost everything from lipsticks to foundations to blush and different shade ranges which is really important. Third is mainly for their concealers, I just love them. They have so many concealers and so many shades and what else can a girl want. Hopefully maybe I collaborate with Maybelline on some makeup line or something like that. That’s like a dream for me.

Q. What does a typical day look like in your life Ishani?

Ishani: Surprisingly, just yesterday I was shooting the whole day for my live blog and I was telling my followers how my day looks like. The typical day in my life is waking up around 10 -10:30 a.m. which is kind of late because I used to wake up around 8:30- 9 a.m. but I am trying to get back to my time. Then I have my breakfast and start replying to my important emails and then deal with some calls and whatever it requires to collaborating with different brands. That’s my morning routine. The next thing I do is probably shoot or set up for shoot. Once I am done shooting, I take a lunch break in between. Then I take more calls and at 7, I start working out and I go for my dinner. And if I have some editing work left after having my dinner at 9 which gets done by 11 normally but sometimes gets stretched until 1. Then I watch something to relax my mind and that’s what a day in my life looks like.

Q. What message do you have for our listeners and where can they connect with you?

Ishani: I would like to say that you are where you need to be. Just relax! Everything in life takes time to come around. I read it somewhere and it just got stuck in my mind because it took me a lot of time to reach here. And now that I am here its perfect and I love it. So, you have to trust the process. Sometimes we are so focused to reach where we want to be that we forget to enjoy the journey and it’s important to enjoy the journey. There will be ups and downs but you will overcome it and don’t be too focused on the destination that you forget about the journey. You can connect with me via Emails or on Instagram @ishanimitraa. I usually check my messages a lot and talk with my followers. So yeah that’s where you can reach me.

Q. Thank you Ishani for being here and sharing your experiences and your emotions. I am pretty sure that the listeners are going to enjoy this so much. I really hope you have a great day ahead.

Ishani: Thank you for having me and it was pleasure to be here talking with you. I hope you guys love hearing about my life journey.

That is a wrap on Episode 5 of Magical Mornings featuring Ishani Mitra whose fame rose in one year by blending and posting makeup videos on Instagram. She is a fun, engaging and an informative influencer who inspired us to focus on our journey rather than the destination.

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